Rental Policies

Rental Policy

  1. RECEIPT/INSPECTIONCustomer hires the Rental Items on an “as is” basis.  By accepting delivery or possession of the Rental Items, Customer acknowledges and agrees that Customer has:
  2. Personally inspected the Rental Items and confirmed receipt of all items listed in this Agreement;
  3. Found the Rental Items suitable to Customer’s needs; and
  4. Found the Rental Items to be in good working order and repair.
    1. If Customer arranges for MJM Jumpers to deliver the Rental Items, then Customer shall have a representative present at delivery. If for any reason Customer fails to have a representative present at delivery, then Customer accepts the Rental Items as though Customer had inspected them and confirmed subparts (a), (b) and (c) above.

NO LOADING. If Customer picks up Rental Items from MJM Jumpers, Customer is responsible for ensuring that Rental Items are properly stowed and secured within Customer’s vehicle. Customer shall be responsible for any damage to Rental Items which result from improper stowing and securing. If Customer is unable or unwilling to properly load and secure Rental Items in Customer’s vehicle, delivery services are available at Customer’s expense.


  • DELIVERY VEHICLE ACCESS. If Customer requests delivery of Rental Items by MJM Jumpers trucks and part of the delivery route will be on private roads or driveways, Customer shall be responsible for ensuring that there is adequate vertical and horizontal clearance from overhanging trees and structures. MJM Jumpers provides information on its website regarding truck sizes and required clearance. Customer must inspect and measure private drives and roadways prior to the day of delivery to ensure that trucks will not be damaged in making deliveries. If Customer fails to conduct a proper inspection and MJM Jumper vehicles are damaged in making deliveries to Customer, Customer shall be liable to MJM Jumpers  for the resulting damage to property or vehicles.  In the event that MJM Jumpers has to make a second trip an additional delivery charge will be assessed.
  • SITE PREPARATIONCustomer shall have the site upon which the Rental Items are to be erected free and clear of all obstacles, natural and man-made, prior to the arrival of the MJM Jumpers installation crew.  Customer shall turn off all sprinkler systems prior to arrival of the Rental Items.  Upon pickup, Customer shall clear all items under and around the tent prior to the arrival of the MJM Jumper installation crew unless MJM Jumpers has been retained for the equipment breakdown.  If Customer fails to do so, then Customer shall pay all costs resulting from any delay.
  • ELECTRIC POWER AND LIGHTING.  Except where Customer’s order includes generators supplied by MJM Jumpers, Customer shall furnish MJM Jumpers access to and the right to use Customer’s electrical and power lines for the installation and operation of the Rental Items.


WEATHER RELATED RISKSCustomer assumes all weather related risks involved in holding an outdoor event.  Client acknowledges that tents are temporary shade structures and not storm shelters, and though water resistant, they are not water proof. Should damage or incident result from high wind, snow, rain, flooding, extreme cold or heat, or any other factor beyond MJM Jumper’s control, Customer shall still be liable for payment in full of all charges.


  • NO OPERATORS. Unless specifically agreed, MJM Jumpers does not furnish, directly or indirectly, any personnel or staff to operate Rental Items.
  • CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITY FOR OPERATION. Customer acknowledges and agrees that:
        1. Customer understands the proper operation and use of Rental Items;
        2. MJM Jumper has offered to provide, upon reasonable prior notice, additional instruction to Customer regarding the use of Rental Items; and
        3. Customer is ultimately responsible for the operation and care of Rental Items.
        4. Whenever Customer becomes aware that any Rental Item is malfunctioning or is unsafe to use for any reason, Customer shall discontinue use of the malfunctioning and/or unsafe Rental Item, remove it to a safe location, and immediately notify MJM Jumpers of the problem.
  • PROPER OPERATION AND USE. Customer shall not allow any person to operate or use the Rental Items:
        1. Who is not qualified.
        2. If the Rental Item is in need of repair or is in an unsafe condition or situation.
        3. For anything other than its intended purpose/function.
    1. Customer shall not:
        1. Modify, misuse, harm or abuse the Rental Items; or,
        2. Make any repair to the Rental Items without MJM Jumpers prior written consent.
    2. Customer shall visually inspect the Rental Items at least daily and immediately discontinue use and notify MJM Jumpers if Rental Items are in need of repair or maintenance or are not functioning properly.  MJM Jumpers has no responsibility to inspect Rental Items while Rental Items are in Customer’s possession.
  • REPLACEMENT OF MALFUNCTIONING ITEMS. MJM Jumpers will repair or replace Rental Items in disrepair with similar items in good working order if available, so long as the defect is the result of normal use.



CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITY FOR RENTAL ITEMSOnce Customer has accepted delivery or taken possession of Rental Items, Customer shall be responsible for any lost or stolen Rental Items. In addition, Customer shall be responsible for all damage to Rental Items not caused by ordinary wear and tear. “Ordinary wear and tear” shall mean the normal deterioration of the Rental Items resulting from anticipated, reasonable and proper use. Damage which is not “ordinary wear and tear” includes, but is not limited to: damage due to overturning; overloading or exceeding rated capacities; breakage; improper use; abuse; lack of cleaning; and contaminating Rental Items with paint, candle wax, tape, staples, wine, mold or any other material. Customer shall pay MJM Jumpers a) the replacement cost for any Rental Items that are not returned because they are lost or stolen; b) the repair costs for any damage to Rental Items unless Customer has accepted the Equipment Protection Plan option and the damages are covered under the terms of the Equipment Protection Plan.


RETURNCustomer shall return all Rental Items to MJM Jumpers on or before the pickup or return date set forth in the Agreement. Time is of the essence and any extension of the rental period must be in writing.  When Customer arranges for MJM Jumpers to pick up the Rental Items, Customer shall store the Rental Items in a secure location pending pickup and Customer agrees to have a representative present at pickup. Customer’s responsibility for the Rental Items continues until Customer returns physical possession of the Rental Items to MJM Jumpers. Customer shall be responsible for all travel costs incurred by MJM Jumpers in connection with a) replacing or repairing damaged Rental Items not covered by the Equipment Protection Plan, or b) additional pick up trips due to Customer’s failure to assemble all Rental Items for pick up.  Travel costs include, but are not limited to, the hourly rates for MJM Jumpers personnel and mileage at $2.50 per mile.